In 500 BC, the Pythagoreans proposed that the Sun, Moon and planets all move in proportions and emit sounds based on simple numerical ratios. Their mathematics related not just space and sound but also showed knowledge system, social structures, and material praxis as inseparable: The Pythagorean articulation of connectivity included common possessions, vegetarianism, political activism, astronomy, teaching, silence, music, linen clothes, and incense.

More than 2500 years later, the question is: can we re-establish holistic (not just technological) connectivity? How can we realize a common space based on relationality that allows for situated, dialogical-reciprocal connections? How can we develop a space that is both a statement and a device for a transformational exchange of the organism with its environment? What typology will it imply: a holistic disco, an activist spa, a silent school, a nebula theater…?

4 parts refer to the mysterious tetractys:
— Travel: Field trip to Weimar (for a critique of rebuilt antiquity)
— Theory: Establishment of a HfK Walking School (because Aristotle is right)
— Construction: Collective realization of the holistic space (finger counting)
— Transformation: Individual programs for the space (curating comes from curing)

extracts from the tetractys catalog