Utopia Plenum-Party


Mo 22.10. 19 Uhr
In deutscher und englischer Sprache
Eintritt frei!

The Temporary Spaces class invites you to join us at Schwankhalle’s blackbox to discuss our ongoing work on the various ways in which possible futures for the route between Schwankhalle and Theater Bremen could be imagined. Included in the blackbox is the documentation of our research on the history of utopias from the 1970s. These help us develop alternative models of sharing the city and other collective spaces.

OUTNOW! 2019
The objective is to create interventions in public space for the Performing Arts Festival OUTNOW! Festival 2019, a project by Schwankhalle and Theater Bremen. On the route between Schwankhalle and Theater Bremen, the class run by Asli Serbest is going to realize site-specific installations, temporary spaces, performative objects, audio-visual performances, and hybrid in-between forms that aim at opening up sites for a collective socio-political and aesthetic debate. At the Plenum Party we are going to discuss concepts and ideas with guests.

Utopia Research
In 1964, with television, space travel, and supersonic speed, all utopian dreams had actually come true — this observation made Adorno conclude: “One could perhaps say in general that the fulfillment of utopia consists largely only in a repetition of the continually same ‘today.’” To which Ernst Bloch, the author of ‚The Principle of Hope’ immediately replied: “I believe utopia cannot be removed from the world in spite of everything..“ He would argue that utopian thinking allows us to observe the current state of things from the distance that makes critique and thinking about alternative futures possible. Today, utopia is relevant and necessary; we recognize it, not as a goal, but as a critical instrument for exposing the limitations of current discourses on technological, economical, ecological, political and social developments. At the blackbox will be shown materials, texts, and images from our research.

Opening words by Pirkko Husemann
Introduction by Mona Mahall

Project by Klasse Asli Serbest
Co-organized by Alex Pfeiffenberger and Jonas Bornhorst

Contributions by Elizaveta Kovalenko, Klara Mayer-Rothbarth, Malte Sonnenschein, Kseniia Stavrova, Lorraine Liedert, Sven Rose, Laura Baumann, Saskia Kummle, Fiete Lauschke, Izabella Dobielewska, Lukas Kalmus, Tomma Köhler, Karl Rummel, Michelle Iyekepolor, Foelke Wagner, Martha Inés Brenner, Luca Voß, Kim Brüning, Cem Ates, Linda Oelmann, Katrin Vossmann, Saskia Juliane, Nathalie Gebert, Lukas Stöver, Daryna Demianchuk