Bauhaus 100000


For the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus in 2019 the Bauhaus foundation Dessau invited us, to participate in an axperimental, urban project. In Dessau we worked collectively on media interventions, installations and performative objects, which were shown during the open days Hochschultage 2018 as performances, models, films and textst.
In a collaborative workshop in Dessau, we elaborated the spatial qualities and interactions that are characteristic for the, from the foundation predefined, walk. This workshop is documented in our publication bauhaus 100000. With that, we discuss possible forms of nomadic and non territorial actions.
The aim is to evolve open narratives for this predefined passage, which are submitting a critical examination of urban culture in general and the bauhaus ideology in particular.

students working with situationist strategies within the framework of the workshop
exemplary advertisement for the collective project

Prof. Asli Serbest
temporary spaces / Temporäre Bauten
Hohschule für Künste Bremen

with students of integrated design, digital media and fine arts
Jessica Ammann
Laura Baumann

Sven Rose
Livia Moana Brocke
Nathalie Gebert 
Ada Hillebrecht  
Helena Otto 
Leonard Puhl 
Lukas Stöver 

Prof. Mona Mahall
Hafencity University Hamburg

with students of architecture
Arne Drewes
Louisa Krokowski
Mai Kerling
Marcelo Acevedo
Imanuel Rosenberg
Charlotte Niewerth
Nhi Nguyen